People call me Beng. Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my online bakery, Bengbeng Sourdough. I’m both a baker and entrepreneur. My goal is to make sourdough accessible everywhere because everyone deserves a better choice.

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Start Your Day with Sourdough

Here are some of the best selling sourdough bread & pastries.

Learn About Sourdough

  • A healthy meal starts with quality bread.

    I love using these low fat sourdough bagels from Bengbeng Sourdough.


  • The sourdough country loaf is the best choice for bread.

    It's fluffy and chewy. It can pair with any meat or vege and fruits like apple.

    -Oai Peng Chia-

  • They have the best donuts in the country.

    So soft, sweet, and a great blend of cinnamon and sourdough!

    -Alexis S-

  • Nothing is gonna stop me from yummy sourdough even though I'm 400km away.

    Thank you Beng for deliverying across Malaysia.
    -SherReen Saw-

Coffee and bread

Office Meeting Pre-order/Event Catering

Elevate your office snacks with our delicious sourdough bread, perfect for fueling your team's productivity.

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Our sourdough bread is also available off-line in marts across Klang Valley

Stop by the nearest mart and pick up some of the freshest sourdough pastries.

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