Refund Policy

Refunds and Exchanges

Last updated: 1/9/2022


What is Bengbeng Guaranteed Delivery? And is it worth it?

Beng guarantees the arrival of your bread in a safe and good condition. In any case you haven't received your order within 3 days after it has been shipped out, our team shall resend your entire order again without any extra charges. OR you may also request for a refund by sending us an email to A refund will be issued to your bank account in less than 7 working days.

Can I get a refund when using Standard Delivery?

Unfortunately no. In case your order has been delayed more than 3 days after it has been shipped out, kindly check the condition of the bread upon arrival. If there's any moldy bread, we will send you a new batch of the items that went bad only. If you have any questions regarding the condition of the bread, please get in touch with us via our social media/email.


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