Sourdough is no longer just a bread. It's now a lifestyle and a community.

We aim to make sourdough accessible everywhere because everyone deserves a better choice.

Free Interstate Delivery

Yes! you read that right. We are currently offering free interstate delivery service (worth RM11) across West Malaysia to help us increase accessiblity to good sourdough bread.

Use the promo-code "HIBENG" with min. spend of RM50 to activate your free delivery.

Check out the best-selling sourdough in Oct 2022.

Learn About Sourdough

  • A healthy meal starts with quality bread

    I love using these low fat sourdough bagels from Bengbeng Sourdough


  • The sourdough country loaf is the best choice for bread.

    It's fluffy and chewy. It can pair with any meat or vege and fruits like apple.

    -Oai Peng Chia-

  • They have to be the best donuts in the country.

    So soft, sweet, and a great blend of cinnamon and sourdough!

    -Alexis S-

  • Nothing is gonna stop me from yummy sourdough even though I'm 400km away.

    Thank you Beng for deliverying across Malaysia
    -SherReen Saw-