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Bengbeng Sourdough

Sourdough Croloaf

Sourdough Croloaf

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Croissant-bread loaf hybrid. The Croloaf looks like a bunch of croissants squeezed into a bread pan.

How to enjoy Croloaf?

It can be enjoyed plain like one massive croissant, or it can be sliced and toasted for a particularly buttery piece of toast.

Note: it stays fresh for a few days and it is like a loaf of bread.

Interstate delivery

We ship our freshiest bread across West Malaysia.

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Naturally leavened sourdough. Made of natural ingredients only without any artificial additive.

100% Halal and Muslim-friendly ingredients.

  • Why sourdough?

    All our breads are made of sourdough starter - which means we do not use any commercial yeast in the process of making them. This will allow slow fermentation which results in great flavour and texture in all bread.

  • When to receive?

    All orders will be sent out within 1 working day after payment is confirmed. You may expect to receive your order 2-3 working days after it is sent out.